Information in English

Welcome to the website of the Geschilleninstantie Pensioenfondsen (GIP). We handle disputes free of charge between participants and their pension fund(s) and are acknowledged as an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) instance.

On our website we have implemented Readspeaker. In addition to the reading option, you can also translate content on the website. Highlight the text in blue and choose translate. You can choose from many different languages. Choose the desired language and Readspeaker will translate the text. Would you like to have the translated text read aloud? Then you can click on the “green” play button.

Please note: the translation is provided by software. The most accurate translation possible has been generated, but no translation is perfect. There is no guarantee that the translation will always be completely accurate, reliable or correct.

Good to know: if you have a dispute, you can submit it in English. However, the handling of the dispute will be in Dutch.